Creating Something Really Meaningful: When Business Meets a Worthy Endeavor

Each week, we bring you a show about some aspect of business building or improving how you run your business. On occasion, we have guests appear who excel at one of these business building areas.  Rarely do we have the opportunity to interview professionals involved in a collaboration that will produce so much good for


Originally aired on July 09 , 2014

What Should You Expect From a Business Coach?

Coaching has been around for decades. Usually reserved for large company CEOs, athletes and entertainers, it is now widely available for small and medium sized businesses. So, what’s the benefit of having a coach to help you with your business and what should you expect if you decide to hire one? On our next broadcast


Originally aired on March 26 , 2014

He Built It and They Came!

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut! That’s what Paul McKelvey did in 2010 when he started the Building Trades Network. Today, this 100+ member building/ home improvements network is building relationships, referring each other and generating business like they have been around for 20 years. The business landscape is littered with a


Originally aired on March 12 , 2014

Balancing Business, Community and Family: An Interview with Mary Visconte

We’re all trying to balance the work/life thing these days. But when you add running a business, involvement in the community and having a personal life, ‘things’ can get crazy! This week, the Small Biz Big Shots interview a local business woman named Mary Visconte. Mary is the owner of Spectrum Specialties and Awards, the


Originally aired on March 05 , 2014

Live Coach’s Corner: Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges!

During this show, we are taking questions from our listeners and giving you instant feedback on how to handle some of your biggest business challenges. Many times, when you need real professional input, there’s no one to rely on. Steve Smith and Ken Rubin will be fielding questions from callers and questions submitted in advance


Originally aired on February 07 , 2014

Motivating Employees – Whose Job is it?

An employer’s ability to get maximum performance from their staff is directly related to the employee’s motivation level for doing what’s expected. Where does this motivation come from? Talking Points: Where does motivation come from? What are employees really looking for at work? Traditional methods of motivating people Incentives vs. inspiration Employer performance improvement game


Originally aired on January 21 , 2014

The Essence of Any Successful Business

There are many variables that determine a business owner’s success or failure but only one that insures a business stays profitable, manageable and growing.  It’s process! Steve Smith & Ken Rubin take this seemingly dry topic on and expose the real benefits of using processes to tighten up your management, keep your core operation running


Originally aired on April 28 , 2013

Are you Getting the Website Traffic you Want

The Small Biz Big Shots Business websites frequently fail short of their owners expectations because they attract too little traffic or the wrong traffic, Isn’t not the website’s fault. Websites don’t generate traffic by themselves, they convert who shows up. Hosts Steve Smith and Ken Rubin dive into the best practices of meaningful website traffic


Originally aired on March 12 , 2013