Start Up

Position Your Business For Profitability

When trying to run a profitable business, lots of areas can come into play. Many like, good management practices, decision making, processes, systems and automation all play a role.  But the biggest player is the business model you have assembled.  Many business owners don’t consider this at the beginning and don’t evaluate it when trying to


Originally aired on June 18 , 2014

Business Partnerships: What to Consider and What to Stay Away From

At some point, you may be encouraged to consider partnering up with another business. This can happen and should be considered for several reasons: expansion, diversification, finances or market share to name just a few. Why you decide on a business partnership is important but how you go about creating one is what determines if


Originally aired on April 23 , 2014

Give Your Start-Up a Fighting Chance

Business start ups fail at an astonishing rate these days.  Yours doesn’t have to if you focus on 3 areas that can improve your odds of having a successful business. Join hosts Steve Smith and Ken Rubin for an engaging discussion about what to do to insure success.  We’ll talk about the things that can


Originally aired on January 22 , 2013