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Creating Something Really Meaningful: When Business Meets a Worthy Endeavor

Each week, we bring you a show about some aspect of business building or improving how you run your business. On occasion, we have guests appear who excel at one of these business building areas.  Rarely do we have the opportunity to interview professionals involved in a collaboration that will produce so much good for


Originally aired on July 09 , 2014

Position Your Business For Profitability

When trying to run a profitable business, lots of areas can come into play. Many like, good management practices, decision making, processes, systems and automation all play a role.  But the biggest player is the business model you have assembled.  Many business owners don’t consider this at the beginning and don’t evaluate it when trying to


Originally aired on June 18 , 2014

How to Move Beyond Your Business Building Hurdles

In today’s business environment, you need to be moving forward all the time.  If your business plateaus or stalls, others will eventually pass you by.  If enough of your competitors pass you by or the market you compete in moves faster than you, your business will fall behind. Most business people face this phenomena at


Originally aired on May 14 , 2014

How to Make Better Business Decisions

A critical ingredient in running a successful business is the ability to make good decisions.  We make decisions every day, some routine, some all encompassing.  When an important decision is required, do you feel confident making the call and moving forward or do you deliberate at length.   Talking Points:        Decisions usually resolve a problem


Originally aired on February 05 , 2014

Are You Easy to Do Business With?

With so much competition and other things to worry about, why would any small business make it difficult for customers to do business with them? Surprisingly, many do and most don’t realize its happening. Learn what frustrates most consumers about doing business with companies and how you can change your approach so you can be


Originally aired on January 29 , 2014

Moving On, Selling Out or Closing Down

When it’s time to leave your business, how are you planning to do it?  Will you step aside and let someone else run the show?  Will you sell your business, take the cash and run?  Will you just close it down? Most business owners don’t take the time to plan their exit strategy so we’re


Originally aired on April 28 , 2013

The Secrets to Leadership

Leadership in business is at a premium these days.  Everything you do, you will do better using good leadership practices.  This week’s show on leadership is a rerun of one of our most popular shows.  You can never get enough great information about how to improve your leadership skills. Join Steve Smith and Ken Rubin


Originally aired on April 28 , 2013

The Essence of Any Successful Business

There are many variables that determine a business owner’s success or failure but only one that insures a business stays profitable, manageable and growing.  It’s process! Steve Smith & Ken Rubin take this seemingly dry topic on and expose the real benefits of using processes to tighten up your management, keep your core operation running


Originally aired on April 28 , 2013

Leadership: Do you have it?

Last week’s show discussed leadership in business. Do you have it?  First, you’ll need a strong understanding of what leadership really is as well as the types of leadership.  We referenced the Wikipedia are located here:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadership. Once you know the basic types of leadership, you can then look for some powerful leaders out there


Originally aired on March 11 , 2013

Be a Leader in Your Business

This week’s show is all about leadership in your business.  What makes a great leader?  Is that the same as being a manager?  Find out what the differences really are and how you can inspire and motivate your team.  Join us on Wednesday, March 5, 2013 at 10 am. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smallbizbigshots Share

Originally aired on March 05 , 2013