Crowd Sourcing Review

Whether you are starting up a new business or launching a new product line, cash is king.  The more capital you have the more leverage you have to make it a success.  There are many ways to acquire the cash flow you need to get going including crowd sourcing.  This week, your Small Biz Big


Originally aired on July 16 , 2014

Where’s The Money? How to Obtain Alternative Financing For Your Business

As the economy continues to show signs of forward progress there continue to be a few areas that businesses struggle with.  One is financing.  It appears that the conditions that changed the rules for lending are still not ideal for many business owners today.  So, what options are available when the traditional sources won’t work with


Originally aired on April 23 , 2014

Is Crowdfunding the New Means of Financing Your Business?

Most small business owners are relagated to the traditional methods of seeking financial support for their businesses; bank loans, private sources, venture firms, etc.  Now there’s Crowd Funding.  Learn what this is, how it got started and where it’s likely to go as more light is shed on this unconventional funding source. Share

Originally aired on January 30 , 2013