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Are you a bigshot?

Are you a bigshot?

Small Biz Big Shots is a radio program on Blog Talk Radio.  It was born of the idea that small business owners and entrepreneurs think differently than most.  We’re willing to take risks and we can see a bigger, better, brighter future.  We know with hard work, persistence and lots of passion, we can get there.  However, it takes real motivation to stay on course.  It also takes reinforcement and collaboration.  Sometimes, business owners can feel like they are on a deserted island left to fend for themselves.  We’re here to walk with you side by side each week where we’ll discuss all of the important topics to help you stay on course and grow your business with energy and excitement.

Introducing your hosts:


Steve Smith Business CoachSteve Smith from Growth Source Coaching is a business coach helping business owners find continued growth all over the world. Steve is a leading expert in business growth strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs with an internationally recognized blog and radio show that he hosts.  He has written articles for over a dozen business websites and other on-line resource sites, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, OC Talk Radio’s Smart Money and Talent in the Southland. Steve has established an on-line business advice service, Need Answers, Ask Steve that offers business owners complementary professional advice on important issues and pending decisions.  Recently, he has redefined the business evaluation process that identifies critical gaps in business strategies so business owners can find and implement solutions faster.

After more than 20 years working with various consumer products companies around the country (General Mills, Lysol Brands, Carter Wallace, Batesville Casket Co.), Steve began to search for a business that would support his desire to help business owners grow their revenues, clients and improve their quality of life.  Steve knew that his vast background in brand marketing, sales team development, organizational management, and strategic planning could be used to successfully guide entrepreneurs and small business owners towards achieving their own business success.

Throughout his career, Steve has always found ways to innovate and improve existing sales and marketing practices as well as develop new, cutting edge systems that improved marketing, sales, distribution, logistics, merchandising, operations, advertising and individual career growth. Visit Steve’s website www.growthsourcecoaching.com

ken rubin 2012-12-14Ken Rubin is the owner of High Road Data which provides outsourced IT consulting and website development.  Visit Ken’s website www.highroaddata.com.  Ken has been in the technology industry since 1996. His experience with world-wide enterprises as well as small to medium sized businesses gives him a unique perspective which allows him to make the proper recommendations no matter how big or small the requirements.

Ken’s experience started with network administration and server management where he spent years working with many operating systems, from Windows to Linux to Unix. His OS-agnostic approach allows him to have a broad perspective and find solutions to many issues.

Ken realized that to be a strong technologist, he need to know how to script. Writing small programs to replace daily tasks proved to be very effective. That skill led him to the beginning of his programming career. In 1999, he wrote his first fully featured shopping cart with a MySQL database backend. His coding experience includes PHP, perl, VB.NET and C#.

Ken established High Road Data is 2004 to provide small businesses with access to the technology experience that only enterprise companies could afford. By serving as a technical advisor, small businesses have been able to focus on what they do best and grow faster.

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