February 2014

Heath Care Solutions For The Undecided

Now that the Affordable Care Act is upon us, what are you doing to get through the maze of rules and still get the protection you want? Not only are the choices much different but the limitations on coverage are concerning. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy the coverage you want at


Originally aired on February 24 , 2014

Live Coach’s Corner: Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges!

During this show, we are taking questions from our listeners and giving you instant feedback on how to handle some of your biggest business challenges. Many times, when you need real professional input, there’s no one to rely on. Steve Smith and Ken Rubin will be fielding questions from callers and questions submitted in advance


Originally aired on February 07 , 2014

How to Make Better Business Decisions

A critical ingredient in running a successful business is the ability to make good decisions.  We make decisions every day, some routine, some all encompassing.  When an important decision is required, do you feel confident making the call and moving forward or do you deliberate at length.   Talking Points:        Decisions usually resolve a problem


Originally aired on February 05 , 2014