January 2014

Are You Easy to Do Business With?

With so much competition and other things to worry about, why would any small business make it difficult for customers to do business with them? Surprisingly, many do and most don’t realize its happening. Learn what frustrates most consumers about doing business with companies and how you can change your approach so you can be


Originally aired on January 29 , 2014

Motivating Employees – Whose Job is it?

An employer’s ability to get maximum performance from their staff is directly related to the employee’s motivation level for doing what’s expected. Where does this motivation come from? Talking Points: Where does motivation come from? What are employees really looking for at work? Traditional methods of motivating people Incentives vs. inspiration Employer performance improvement game


Originally aired on January 21 , 2014

Keep Your Business Healthy in 2014

We’ve identified 6 areas that can help you stay the course with your business and navigate anticipated changes ahead. 1. Where’s the economy going? 2. Understanding your finances 3. Reviewing your marketing strategy 4. Are you using technology to support your operation? 5. Navigating health care 6. How are you spending your time? The economy


Originally aired on January 14 , 2014