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Crowd Sourcing Review

Jul 16 , 2014

Whether you are starting up a new business or launching a new product line, cash is king.  The more capital you have the more leverage you have to make it a success.  There are many ways to acquire the cash flow you need to get going including crowd sourcing.  This week, your Small Biz Big



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Creating Something Really Meaningful: When Business Meets a Worthy Endeavor

Each week, we bring you a show about some aspect of business building or improving how you run your business. On occasion, we have guests appear who excel at one of these business building areas.  Rarely do we have the opportunity to interview professionals involved in a collaboration that will produce so much good for


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Position Your Business For Profitability

When trying to run a profitable business, lots of areas can come into play. Many like, good management practices, decision making, processes, systems and automation all play a role.  But the biggest player is the business model you have assembled.  Many business owners don’t consider this at the beginning and don’t evaluate it when trying to


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Get Maximum Results From Your Content Marketing Strategy

Per Google, content is still king! And now, what you write about and how you use it can make or break your article or content marketing strategy. You can write a slew of random posts trying to drive up your rankings or you can re-purpose high quality content and get more results with less work.


Originally aired on June 04 , 2014

Make Social Media an Effective Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

If you want your social media efforts behind your business to pay off, you need to do more than just complete a few online profiles and post every once in a while. Social media has evolved to a highly engaging form of relationship building and having a strategy behind your online interaction is paramount to


Originally aired on May 28 , 2014

How to Move Beyond Your Business Building Hurdles

In today’s business environment, you need to be moving forward all the time.  If your business plateaus or stalls, others will eventually pass you by.  If enough of your competitors pass you by or the market you compete in moves faster than you, your business will fall behind. Most business people face this phenomena at


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Are You Closing The Sale?

One of the most critical skills that a business owner needs is the ability to sell their products and services. When you shy away from selling, your revenue can take a hit. Regardless of what kind of business you have, you need to be confident in your ability to close the sale. In this week’s


Originally aired on May 07 , 2014

How To Get the Most From Your Website Design Experience

Whether you need to have a website built for your business or you have a website that needs an overhaul, you can confidently hire someone and get the design you want if you know what you want and how web designers work. Having a clear plan and knowing what to expect from a website design


Originally aired on April 30 , 2014

Where’s The Money? How to Obtain Alternative Financing For Your Business

As the economy continues to show signs of forward progress there continue to be a few areas that businesses struggle with.  One is financing.  It appears that the conditions that changed the rules for lending are still not ideal for many business owners today.  So, what options are available when the traditional sources won’t work with


Originally aired on April 23 , 2014

Business Partnerships: What to Consider and What to Stay Away From

At some point, you may be encouraged to consider partnering up with another business. This can happen and should be considered for several reasons: expansion, diversification, finances or market share to name just a few. Why you decide on a business partnership is important but how you go about creating one is what determines if


Originally aired on April 23 , 2014

Low to No Cost Marketing Ideas

Whether you are in start up mode or have been running a business for 20 years, marketing your business can be an ever-changing, sometimes confusing part of trying to grow and stay profitable. There are an overwhelming number of marketing strategies to consider; some quite expensive and others totally free. The cost of the program


Originally aired on April 09 , 2014