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Where’s The Money? How to Obtain Alternative Financing For Your Business

Apr 23 , 2014

As the economy continues to show signs of forward progress there continue to be a few areas that businesses struggle with.  One is financing.  It appears that the conditions that changed the rules for lending are still not ideal for many business owners today.  So, what options are available when the traditional sources won’t work with



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Business Partnerships: What to Consider and What to Stay Away From

At some point, you may be encouraged to consider partnering up with another business. This can happen and should be considered for several reasons: expansion, diversification, finances or market share to name just a few. Why you decide on a business partnership is important but how you go about creating one is what determines if


Originally aired on April 23 , 2014

Low to No Cost Marketing Ideas

Whether you are in start up mode or have been running a business for 20 years, marketing your business can be an ever-changing, sometimes confusing part of trying to grow and stay profitable. There are an overwhelming number of marketing strategies to consider; some quite expensive and others totally free. The cost of the program


Originally aired on April 09 , 2014

The Psychology of Successful Selling

For many business owners, selling their products and services is an activity that produces fear and stress. They know they need to sell to make money but the thought of having to engage in ‘selling’ is something they avoid. It doesn’t have to be something that you run from. Learning the psychology behind the selling


Originally aired on April 02 , 2014

What Should You Expect From a Business Coach?

Coaching has been around for decades. Usually reserved for large company CEOs, athletes and entertainers, it is now widely available for small and medium sized businesses. So, what’s the benefit of having a coach to help you with your business and what should you expect if you decide to hire one? On our next broadcast


Originally aired on March 26 , 2014

He Built It and They Came!

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut! That’s what Paul McKelvey did in 2010 when he started the Building Trades Network. Today, this 100+ member building/ home improvements network is building relationships, referring each other and generating business like they have been around for 20 years. The business landscape is littered with a


Originally aired on March 12 , 2014

Balancing Business, Community and Family: An Interview with Mary Visconte

We’re all trying to balance the work/life thing these days. But when you add running a business, involvement in the community and having a personal life, ‘things’ can get crazy! This week, the Small Biz Big Shots interview a local business woman named Mary Visconte. Mary is the owner of Spectrum Specialties and Awards, the


Originally aired on March 05 , 2014

Heath Care Solutions For The Undecided

Now that the Affordable Care Act is upon us, what are you doing to get through the maze of rules and still get the protection you want? Not only are the choices much different but the limitations on coverage are concerning. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy the coverage you want at


Originally aired on February 24 , 2014

Live Coach’s Corner: Bring Us Your Toughest Challenges!

During this show, we are taking questions from our listeners and giving you instant feedback on how to handle some of your biggest business challenges. Many times, when you need real professional input, there’s no one to rely on. Steve Smith and Ken Rubin will be fielding questions from callers and questions submitted in advance


Originally aired on February 07 , 2014

How to Make Better Business Decisions

A critical ingredient in running a successful business is the ability to make good decisions.  We make decisions every day, some routine, some all encompassing.  When an important decision is required, do you feel confident making the call and moving forward or do you deliberate at length.   Talking Points:        Decisions usually resolve a problem


Originally aired on February 05 , 2014

Are You Easy to Do Business With?

With so much competition and other things to worry about, why would any small business make it difficult for customers to do business with them? Surprisingly, many do and most don’t realize its happening. Learn what frustrates most consumers about doing business with companies and how you can change your approach so you can be


Originally aired on January 29 , 2014